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RedGage: Get Super Fast Backlinks and Earn Passive Income

RedGage is a useful social bookmarking site where you can bookmark your blog or website and receive a long term dofollow backlink in the search engines. RedGageis best for backlinking purposes, especially to help get a brand new niche site or blog indexed quickly.

After you first publish your new site on the Internet, bookmark the URL on Red Gage and you will see Google index your content pretty quickly, and you will also receive a little traffic trickling through from the RedGage site. Although you can earn money on RedGage, it’s not very much, so don’t expect big money. I have earned a few bucks here and there simply by submitting various content, but I only use the site for SEO reasons.

RedGage currently holds a PR4 which is decent. The one thing I have noticed is that the backlinks there last a really long time in the search engines and the PR4 status helps your content move forward in the search engines faster. Even though the bookmarks only consist of a few sentences, titles without heavy keyword competition will appear on page 1 of Google, or pretty close, which will bring some nice traffic through the link to your blog or website.

There are a few ways to earn passive income online from RedGage, while promoting your content. I have made money there simply by submitting my niche site links.

The reason I really like submitting content on RedGage is because it’s super fast. Before the ehow WCP closed, I had bookmarked all 115 of my ehow articles there, which I believe helped increase traffic and passive income earnings on ehow until the writing program closed down. I also used RedGage to backlink Suite101 articles I wrote in the past. Submitting content on the site is kind of addicting once you get going, because it’s so fast and easy to do.

On Red Gage, you can also submit videos, documents, photos and you can upload content from other sites like Twitter and Youtube. The earnings generated from your content are mostly based on its popularity and page views. Once you accumulate $25 in passive income earnings, the site owner pays you in the form of a $25 prepaid Visa card. Not bad. RedGage has been around for quite a while and by posting your content there, you will receive traffic not only in the search engines, but also through the RedGage site itself.

In conclusion, RedGage is a great way to streamline the time consuming process of dofollow backlinking and you can earn some passive income at the same time. In the past, the Red Gage site was very buggy and there were many times where I was unable to log in, but that no longer seems to be a problem. I have read about some folks who claim to make a decent amount of money uploading their photos there. I haven’t tried it yet.

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