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Making Sure Your Blog Posts Are Spelled Correctly

One of the great things about a blog is that it is easy and quick for you get you blog posts published. This is great as you can write and instantly see your blog post online. However, this quickness can also lead to carelessness when it comes to editing and spell checking.

If readers consistently find spelling errors at your blog, they will be less likely to return to read more posts. The first thing you should do is re-read your blog posts as soon as they are posted online – and you can then make any glaring edits that you notice.

There are several tools to help you to make sure that your blog posts are spelled correctly – here are a few of them



  • is an easy to use tool whereby you copy and paste your text into the site and it quickly highlights and spelling or grammer errors. 
  • will check the spelling of the text on your entire website. They offer a free trial of the service. If you are impressed, you can sign up for a one time use or a more expensive use which checks your website weekly.


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