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Make it easy for users to bookmark and share your website or blog

As you probably know, many users use bookmarking to save websites that they want to visit again. Users also use Social Bookmarking services so that they can share their bookmarks with friends and peers. Users also use social bookmarking sites to browse sites that others have bookmarked as well.

It is clearly important to make it easy for your users to bookmark your site. The more your users bookmark your site, that more likely it is that the user will come back to your site. And, if users bookmark your site using social bookmark services, new users may start to trickle into your site for free. offers an extremely easy to use tool which webmasters can implement into their website for free. The tool will make is easy for your website or blog visitors to bookmark the page they are on within their browser or at the major social bookmarking websites.

This tool is extremely easy for you to sign up with an implement onto your website. The tool is also extremely easy for your website visitors to use. So they will easily be able to bookmark your site at the place of their choosing. There is also an easy for users to send an email to anyone promoting the website that they are on. You can try out this tool at the end of this article, it is titled bookmark.

Not only is this tool free – but there are no adds or over promotion by So, you can easily implement this tool, without affecting your website’s look, feel, or usability. 

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