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Increase Web Traffic To Your Content Through DoFollow Backlinks

Although high ranked article content can earn passive income for several months, or even years, the article probably won’t remain in that #1 spot without additional promotional effort at some point. Competing sites can create hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks, and eventually pass ahead of your content.

One way you can help keep your articles strong and listed on the first page of Google is by creating tons of quality backlinks. Creating backlinks sucks and it’s extremely boring, but it’s really important and you will have to do it.

The more quality backlinks you create, the more web traffic you’ll get from Google, Yahoo and smaller search engines. This takes work and a lot of patience, since it usually takes Google a while to find the backlinks. In fact, it can take 3 weeks, or even 3 months, for the backlinks to start showing up.

In order for your backlinks to work well, make sure you’re using anchor text for the hyper linked keyword in your article. The keyword in the anchor text should be the same keyword that appears in the title of the article you’re linking too.

Use unique content and never duplicated content for backlinking. I prefer to change the titles and restructure the article content using an article spinner. Some people claim that duplicated content does not reduce backlink quality, but I have found that it’s definitely better to produce various unique versions of one article.

It’s also really important to make sure the  majority of the sites you choose for backlinking are dofollow with a page rank of at least 3 0r 4, but preferably 7. Also, don’t rule out nofollow sites, because although a nofollow backlink won’t help with SEO, it’s still a link and this will bring you extra web traffic if you’re using high traffic sites for backlinking.

A good site to use is Shetoldme. This is a social bookmarking site that shares Google Adsense revenue. This way you can potentially increase your monthly Adsense revenue (not by much in my experience) while promoting your articles. Bookmarking an article on She Told Me is fast and really easy.

The best places to get backlinks are through popular article directories like Ezine Articles, Amazines, Go Articles and Article Base. You can use HTML, along with your anchor text, in the author bio boxes on most article directory sites and receive a dofollow backlink as a result.

In most cases, it violates the TOS on these sites, to link out directly within the article content itself. Ezine Articles is a great site for backlinking and if you write an interesting article title, you will receive decent traffic from readers on the site itself, in addition to potential Google traffic after the article gets found by readers.

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