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Increase Traffic To Blog: 4 Effective Steps

Everyone knows that if you want to make money from your blog, you need to get targeted web traffic and lots of it. A blog without traffic is dead, but there are many effective ways to start getting the traffic you need to bring your blog back to life.

Here are 4 ways to get more blog traffic…

1. Tags

Always use tags before publishing an article. Tags make it easy for the search engines to find your content online. WordPress and most social bookmarking sites give you the option to enter keywords into a tags section below the article. If you have a WordPress blog, activate the plug-in called All-In-One SEO Pack and enter your keywords into its tag field. This will improve SEO and traffic.

Also, submit your blog to Technorati and use the tags there because it really makes a difference. Be sure to enter your best keywords into the tags section. Technorati is a massive site that will help increase traffic to your blog fast.

2. Golden Nugget Keywords

Using the best keywords, or “golden nugget keywords” as some people call them, will drive targeted web traffic to your blog fast. Golden nugget keywords are keyword phrases with a cost-per-click  (CPC) over $1, low competition and consistent monthly Web searches.

Implementing the right keywords will ensure that people will be able to find your content easily. In addition to researching the keyword itself, you must dig down and research competing sites that are already using the keyword you want to use, especially if you’re conducting research for a new domain name. It is really boring, but keyword planning plays a major role in traffic generation and the amount of money you’re going to make online from the articles you write.

The best way to find golden nugget keywords that will increase traffic to your blog is to use time-saving keyword tools. I have tried a few and the best one out there is Market Samurai. I use it to do all my keyword research for my blogs and it is by far the most helpful keyword tool I have ever used.

It provides in-depth keyword and competition data, so you can easily weed out crappy keywords that are less profitable or overly competitive. They have a full version with extra features you need to pay for, but even if you don’t, it’s okay, because you’ll still have free unlimited access to the keyword research section. Actually, I’m stunned they let everyone use the keyword research feature for free.

3. Submit Your Blog To Search Engines 

If your blog is new, submitting the URL to major search engines helps get your site and content indexed faster so you can get the web traffic flowing into your blog. Be sure to submit your blog’s URL to the free URL submission pages for Yahoo, Google and Bing. If you don’t submit your URL to the search engines right away, you would have to wait for them to find it which may take longer.

4. Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories

Go ahead and submit your feed to feed directories and blog directories like Technorati, BlogCatalog, and Blog Toplist. There are hundreds more to choose from, but I noticed an increase in my blog traffic after submitting it to Technorati. All of the directories mentioned here receive a lot of web traffic and you can get a piece of that if you submit your blog there, plus you will also get a backlink by doing so.

There’s no need to pay for this, because most directories provide a free submission option. It usually only takes a few minutes to sign up and submit your blog, but some directories do require an approval process. Submit your blog to tons of directories to increase traffic.

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