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How to Improve Article Content and Increase Passive Income from Freelance Writing

If you are not getting the passive income results you want from article content in your blog, or on freelance writing sites, step back and take a look at what you’re doing to see if you need to make a few changes. Sometimes all it takes is to make a few adjustments and dead articles can come to life  and start making money online.

Here’s a few simple tips for increasing passive income with your blog, or rev share articles.

1) Inspect the ads surrounding your article.

If you wrote an article targeting a specific keyword phrase, but the ads surrounding your article are not relevant to the keyword, you need to make some changes. Irrelevant Google ads can be caused by lack of keyword repetition in your article, or the use of the wrong keywords. You won’t make any money if the ads are irrelevant to the article content. Repeat the keyword a few more times in the article, or add a few related keywords to your article to trigger the right ads. It might take an hour or so for the changes to show up on the site, or your blog.

2) Plan out your keywords wisely

Some freelance writers are in a hurry to produce hundreds of blog posts, or articles for a site, and totally neglect thorough keyword planning. Before attempting to even write the article, you should always check competition and the cost per click amount. I like to stick with keywords that pay over $1 for the cost per click. For keyword planning, I have found Market Samurai to be excellent search engine optimization software. I use the Adwords keyword tool and Market Samurai all the time. If you are using highly competitive keywords in your article, use Market Samurai to find less competitive keywords to increase web traffic to your content.

3) Pay attention to top earning articles

Do you notice which topics and keyword phrases bring the most traffic and ad clicks? I have noticed certain topics will bring a greater click through rate than others. Web surfers are looking to either buy something online, or find answers to a question. Find people who are looking to buy a product or service and you will receive more ad clicks. Recipes and food related keywords and topics are not profitable in my experience. It can be challenging to write about topics you’re not familiar with, but sometimes those are the topics that pay the most. Personal finance and insurance topics pay a lot, but they’re also highly competitive. Conduct plenty of research.

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