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Creating Backlinks: Best Article Directories for SEO

Creating backlinks is boring and mentally exhausting at times, but if done correctly, it will greatly enhance the ranking of content in the search engines and drive more targeted traffic to blog posts. Utilizing free article directory sites is one of the most effective ways to achieve quality dofollow backlinks that point to your content on the Web.

Creating backlinks is accomplished using several methods, but I have found high page rank article directory submission particularly useful for this purpose. This article talks about the best article directories I have used to get quality backlinks.

Ezine Articles

Ezine is probably the biggest and most popular directory on the Web and it’s one of the best article directories in my opinion because it will provide you with instant article exposure. If you actively produce content on the Internet then Ezine is a must. Creating backlinks using Ezine Articles is free and easy, but it’s important to follow the submission directions to streamline article publication and avoid problems.

Before your article goes live, it will be reviewed by an editor, which can take up to one week. It’s highly recommended that you craft the best article possible to achieve “expert author” status. In this case, your article will be reviewed and published in only a couple of days.

On Ezine Articles, dofollow backlinks are achieved using HTML in the resources box below the article. It’s possible to add a couple links within the content too, but those links do not provide any use for Google search engine optimization, so use only the resources box for this purpose.

In addition to the SEO advantages, writing a catchy title will also drive targeted traffic to your content from the Ezine Articles site itself, because the site gets an insane amount of web traffic every day. The site held a PR7 in the past, but I’m not sure what it is today. Newly submitted articles will hold a PR0, but you still get a useful backlink. It’s wise to also backlink your backlinks to increase it’s power.

Article Base

Article Base is one of the best article directories and definitely worth the time and effort. Creating backlinks using Article Base works because I have noticed that my backlinks show up when I use a free backlink checker. Some people say that Article Base is nofollow, while others says it’s dofollow. It does not matter because both types of links are good. While dofollow does have the SEO ranking advantage, it’s wise to have a mixture of both when creating backlinks on the Web. Not only that, but Article Base will deliver a little extra traffic from the site itself.

Linking out on this site is accomplished using the article resource box, similar to Ezine. The articles are usually approved the same day or the next day. After your articles goes live on Article Base, you will receive a confirmation email. It’s important to log in to your account and check to make sure your links are working correctly. Some people have reported broken link problems, but I have not encountered this problem myself. Writing articles on this site is fast and easy. The site is currently PR6.


GoArticles is one of the best article directories for affiliate marketers because it’s one of the only directories that allows affiliate links within the body of content. This does not mean you should sign up there and write sales copy with your affiliate links everywhere, but carefully crafted articles with one link or maybe two can help drive traffic to a landing page or a blog promoting a quality affiliate product. Linking out with anchor text on GoArticles will provide you with a dofollow backlink.

The site receives a massive amount of web visitors every day and this can also help drive traffic to your content. GoArticles accepts articles quickly so you don’t have to wait long like you would with other sites. Articles only have to be a minimum of 300 words and they allow one link within the content and another link in the resources box. Write a useful article with an interesting title to attract visitors from the site itself and be sure to use anchor text when creating backlinks, as well as sprinkling relevant keywords throughout the article content.

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