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How To Choose Killer Keywords That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog

If you are writing articles to drive traffic to your blog, it won’t be effective unless you choose targeted keywords. Hunting for keywords is boring, but it’s also the most important part of SEO and it will determine whether your articles get found, or buried deep within search engine results.

Many people fly through the research part without planning and hope for the best. Don’t make that mistake. Keyword research is easy with the right tools and knowledge.

Here are some tips for choosing killer keywords to drive targeted traffic to your blog…

1. Are You Using Converting Keywords or Information Keywords?

If your goal is to sell products or make money from Adsense, stay away from information keywords. For example, a keyword like “crate training puppies” is an information keyword because the Web surfer is likely only looking for tips about crate training a puppy and will be less likely to buy a product.

On the other hand, a keyword phrase like “crates for puppies” or “cheap puppy crates” are converting keywords because it’s obvious the Web surfer is shopping for puppy crates instead of searching only for tips. Converting keywords convert because the people behind them have already made a decision to shop.

2. Choose Sub-Niche Keywords

A sub-niche is a drilled down sub topic of your main topic. You will get highly targeted traffic fast using sub-niche keywords because they are very specific, specialized and far less competitive than common keyword phrases with high search volume. Sub-niche  keywords contain three or more words which makes it a lot easier for Google to find your content.

If you main topic is “fishing lures”, a sub-niche keyword could be “bass fishing lures”. You can even drill down further to reduce competition and hone in on a targeted niche audience.

3. Use the Right Keyword Research Tool

Using the right tools for keyword research will make things a lot faster and easier for you. Just like how a painter uses a sprayer to paint faster and a carpenter uses a nail gun to nail down boards faster, the same thing applies to keyword planning for your articles. If you are not using a good keyword tool yet, you are probably spending too much time researching and delaying your blog traffic as a result.

The advantage of using a quality keyword tool is that it will provide all of the information you need in one place and it should do more than provide keyword data. The best keyword research tool for me is Market Samurai. It has become my most important tool for SEO and I use it to plan all the content I write online. The full, paid version has way more useful SEO features, but either way, they give you free unlimited access to the keyword research feature.

4.  Search Using Exact Match Only

Keyword research tools, including Market Samurai, let you search for keywords using “broad match”, “phrase match” or “exact match”. Using “exact match” is best because it provides exact monthly search data for a keyword. Broad and phrase match are less targeted and provide variations of keywords that people may be entering into the search engines. To ensure accuracy and make things easier, exact match is the best way to drive traffic to your blog posts fast.

After you start ranking well for your primary keyword from an exact match, you can start using broad or phrase match keywords to broaden your audience and get your site found under more obscure keywords that people don’t search for as often.

5. Select Keywords With 1,500 Exact Monthly Searches or Less

Choosing less competitive keyword phrases is super important because the Internet has become totally saturated with people trying to make money from their own site.

You will have a far better chance finding untapped keywords if you stick with keywords that have preferably 1,000 monthly searches, but no more than 1,500. Besides monthly searches, you will also need to check the amount of competing sites. A keyword that would be worth considering is one with 1,000 exact monthly searches and no more than 40,000 competing sites.


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