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Blogging Providers

This free blogging service was introduced in the year 2004 and continues to grow with millions of users or bloggers worldwide

There are tons of sites out there that will assist you in publishing your blog on the web. Here, we have reviewed some of the more popular offerings:

Numerous excellent templates, flexibility and ease of use, plus reliable promotion and tracking tools all make WordPress an extremely reliable and professional blogging site. Although not ideal for coders, the 45 different templates can be customized as far as the header image and side bar widgets are concerned. This free hosting service also submits your blog to Google and Technorati, and with its outstanding tracking solutions, you get to view your blog stats as well as the visitors checking out your site. All these make WordPress a perfect blogging site for both beginners and pros. Here is a great blog tutoirial on how to get started with WordPress.

2. MSN Spaces
This free blogging service was introduced in the year 2004 and continues to grow with millions of users or bloggers worldwide. The best thing about MSN Spaces is that this site features a no-fuss, simple to follow non-HTML means of blogging. This makes it ideal for blogging novices or HTML non-experts to have their own personalized space over the web. Moreover, the photo uploading and display features of the site are impressive. You can post slideshows as well, and even integrate your favorite tunes through MSN Music.

3. Blogger
Although Blogger was initially introduced as early as 1999, it was acquired by Google only in 2002. Currently, this blogging site is one of the most popular and widely used all over the globe. One of the biggest advantages to this free blogging service is their Adsense sign-up feature. This means that you can place ads on your blog site, and you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on your site. Moreover, since Blogger immediately submits your blog to the Google directory, it will be easier for your blog to be found all over the web. Flexibility, ease of use, and design tools are other outstanding features.

4. LiveJournal
Since LiveJournal does not only make available a good number of template varieties but also allows you to add a modified CSS style sheet, this blogging site is ideal for those who want to have a more personalized and distinctive blog space or site. You can also edit the HTML code per template, if you want to add or modify something in your blog. You can moreover, submit posts using the email service of your cell phone, as well as upload pictures and video files.

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